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Commercial Vehicle Show 2018 | Review

Hofmann Megaplan Stand at CV show 2018

The CV Show 2018 was a huge success with over 50 Live Demonstrations taking place on the Hofmann Megaplan stand over the 3-day event.

Hofmann Megaplan was pleased to return to the NEC once again for the biggest event in the commercial vehicle calendar. As well as live demonstrations the show saw Hofmann showcasing its extensive range of truck equipment including truck tyre changers and wheel balancers.

Representing Hofmann Megaplan at the event was Sales Manager Andy Ringrose, who said “The CV Show once again run a seamless event which was as enjoyable from an exhibitor perspective as delegates.

352 Tyre Changer at the CV Show 2018

I would just like to personally thank everyone that took the time to stop by our stand for a chat and to see the 352 Commercial Truck Tyre Changer demonstration. We appreciate the importance of seeing a piece of equipment like this in action which is why we enjoy the CV Show so much and the video we also captured while there. We look forward to more events of the same standard.”

The Commercial Vehicle show 2018 took place at the NEC in Birmingham from the 25th to the 27th of April 2018. With approximately 21,000 people in attendance across the 3-day event, it has continued to hold its place as the best-attended event of its kind. You can register for free delegate tickets to the CV Show 2019 now.

Live from the CV Show 2018:

Andy Currell, Equipment Specialist & Technical Support for Hofmann Megaplan was on hand throughout the event to demonstrate the megamount 352 Truck Tyre Changer. You can see a video below of the full demonstration.

Interested in finding out more?

If you missed us a The CV Show 2018 or are interested in finding out more about the Commercial Vehicle tyre equipment Hofmann Megaplan can provide there are a number of ways to get in touch. You can call us now on 01480-89-10-11, email enquiries@hofmann-megaplan.co.uk or request a callback.

Our team are always on hand to help advise on the best solutions for your requirements when it comes to providing a first class service in your garage, tyre bay or workshop. You can also visit our fully equipped and working showroom.

What is R1234yf and what should I know?

You may have heard a lot of people talking about “old” and “new” gas in the world of vehicle Air Conditioning and wonder what it’s all about? Well, firstly, there is no need to panic.

R134a, referred to as the old gas, will not be phased out. It will, however, be regulated and taxed heavily. Newer vehicles are being fitted with Air Conditioning Systems that operate using a new gas known as R1234yf.

Environmental Impact

Air Con Environmental Impact

The change is environmentally driven. More precisely, it is to do with the length of time refrigerants can remain in the upper atmosphere. R134a can take up to 10 years to breakdown into a non-greenhouse gas. About 25 years ago this was considered a vast improvement on R12 which had some 100 years plus life span before it broke down. R1234yf is another step forward in protecting our environment, taking between only three and four years to break down in the upper atmosphere.

You have Time

Relax! Now is the perfect time to train, tool up and offer vehicle air conditioning services using responsible air conditioning tools and systems. R1234yf has only recently been introduced, so there is plenty of time to understand the processes for dealing with the new gas. Currently, around 80% of vehicles will still be on R134a.

With the quick breakdown of R1234yf comes the need to purchase an up to date machine to recover and recycle the new refrigerant. You will also need to understand the new oil compatibility issues with R1234yf and what happens when refrigerants mix.

The performance of R1234yf is very similar to R134a. There will be no major changes to system components. There will however be to the H-block, hoses and the programming in the module that controls the HVAC system.

Your New Air Con Refrigerant


Megacool ErmesYFProfessional fully automatic A/C recovery recycling refilling station.

Current prices for the new refrigerant are high, at around double the cost of the old R134a. It’s expected that this price will come down significantly in the next few years as production plants around the world ramp up output.

If you are looking to be ready and supply the R1234yf gases, why not look at the two most popular air conditioning units Hofmann Megaplan sell, the Megacool Fast 222YF and the Ermes YF.

Both machines are fully automatic with large 12KG tank capacities. They are suitable for all workshop applications. Please give us a call on 01213 516 329 if you require more information or contact us now on enquiries@hofmann-megaplan.co.uk.

The CV Show 2018 – Live Truck Tyre Changer Demo!

Hofmann Megaplan at the CV Chow 2018 Banner

The team at Hofmann Megaplan are pleased to be returning to the Commercial Vehicle Show for 2018 with a Live Demonstration on Stand 4E90.

The CV Show 2018, which takes place over the 24th, 25th and 26th of April is renowned in the industry for being the best-attended event of its kind. Delegates visiting the NEC Birmingham will have the opportunity to see the most comprehensive collection of road transport and commercial vehicle suppliers in the UK.

Truck Tyre EquipmentWith close to 21,000 expected to be in attendance, Hofmann Megaplan are pleased to present a live demonstration of their famous 352 truck tyre changer!

It’s also a chance to see the great range of commercial products available for purchase now, including truck equipment, dual balancers for truck and van, nitrogen tyre inflation systems and truck alignment machines.

The friendly Hofmann team will be on hand to answer any questions you might have on the day.

Free tickets are still available so don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet with sector supplies and see the great showcase of equipment Hofmann Megaplan have on offer at stand 4E90.

Free Tickets Registration CV Show

You can contact us now by email or request a callback to arrange a time to see the 352 truck tyre changer in action! Live Demonstrations will be happening throughout the 3-day show.  

T mcquillen motor engineers, (Oldham)

T Mcquillen motor engineers have their new equipment installed into their busy workshop.

An excellent choice for garages who cannot justify a premium package, but need a tyre changer to be able to handle run-flat tyres etc and a balancer that is quick and easy to set up and use. The package eliminates the risk factor in buying an unknown brand for the sake of price.


Smithy Garage motor services (Sheffield)

Smithy Garage motor services have their new tyre equipment installed.

The Ecomount 22plus tyre changer and Junior balancer are an excellent choice for garages and MoT stations who cannot justify a premium package, but need a tyre changer to be able to handle run-flat tyres etc and a balancer that is quick and easy to set up and use. The package eliminates the risk factor in buying an unknown brand for the sake of price.



For more information then please contact our team on 01480 891011.


South staffs water Walsall

South staffs water have their new tyre changer installed into their workshop.

The megamount 503 Racing builds on the heavy duty structure and premium specification of the megamount 303, yet offers the increased versatility, rigidity and speed of operation offered by the additional pneumatics of a fully automatic machine.

With a heavy duty structure and versatile clamping capability of 10” to 24” (22” external), the megamount 503 Racing offers an incredible price / performance ratio, and this brand new 2014 model boasts an increased column height and bead breaker opening to enable it to handle rims up to 15” wide.  The inclusion of our famous ‘megafit 2’ robotic assist arm ensures full capability with ultra-low profile and run-flat tyres.



Hills Motors

Hills Motors take delivery of their new tyre equipment.


The ecomount 22 plus is an excellent choice for garages and MoT stations who cannot justify a premium tyre changer, but need to be able to handle run-flat tyres etc.

The fully-automatic ecomount 22 Plus eliminates the risk factor in buying an unknown brand for the sake of price. Also available without assist arm (model ecomount 22).

The Junior light (E1400) hand spin balancer is a compact, reliable, but simple wheel balancer for mobile operators or workshops where space is at a premium.

Operating from either 12v or 240v, and offering a number of alloy weight position modes, the E1400 provides an unbeatable level of quality for the price.


James Wilson

James Wilson takes delivery of his truck tyre changer.

The megamount 752 is a heavy duty tyre changer for truck and plant applications. Boasting a rim diameter capability of 14” to 56”, O.D of 2300mm (90.5”), and rim width up to 1065mm (42”), this model is a great ‘all-rounder’ for anything from buses to heavy plant machinery. Again, a 2 speed chuck and portable control unit complete the luxury specification. Available in 3ph.




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