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Coronation Steeet is one of the worlds most famous TV programmes ever produced, being broadcast to over 40 countries and running for over 50 years.

As a result, Websters Garage has to be one of the most iconic workshops in the World; no other TV garage enjoys millions of viewers repeatedly exposed to its contents each week.

We are pleased to reveal that Hofmann Megaplan have been chosen to equip a new look workshop, which will include lifting, tyre fitting, balancing and nitrogen inflation equipment.

We visited the studios yesterday in preparation for installation over the Christmas period during the break in filming, and took the opportunity to grab a couple of photos in arguably Corrie’s most famous venue, The Rovers Return.

We can’t wait to see our famous logo on TV next year!

Coronation Street choose Hofmann Megaplan

Coronation Street Rovers Return

Savi autocare (North Yorkshire)

Savi autocare have their ecoline 58 installed by our alignment specialist. The ecoline 58 represents the logical next step up for anybody wanting to move on from a laser system to a fully computerised aligner. Computerised alignment enables you to charge a premium for your alignment service, simply because you are able to provide the customer with a printout showing ‘before and after’. The ecoline 58 will give the same results as competitors’ systems that are literally 5 times the price, and is perfect for those business that want the benefit of built-in vehicle database, live readings & technical prompts, and a customer printout, without the heavy investment traditionally required. Compact and extremely simple to use, the ecoline 58 takes advantage of the very latest infra-red and wireless technology to provide a high-spec system with a low price tag. Just £25 + VAT per week can get you a product that can literally earn you hundreds of pounds a day – why wouldn’t you want one??

FREE ‘megaTab’ for all megaline Ssence orders until 31st August 2015!!

The ‘megaTab‘ remote tablet, manufactured by Samsung, enables the technician to view the screen anywhere around the vehicle or workshop.

Additionally, it is an ideal way of showing the waiting customer in reception exactly what is happening with their alignment!

This unique concept is just another feature to set the Ssence apart from other 3D systems, and for a limited period the ‘megaTab’ will be supplied FREE OF CHARGE with all megaline Ssence installations.

See more about the megaline Ssence at


megaTab Ssence tablet

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