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The brand new Hofmann Megaplan catalogue is now in print and will be ready for distribution by the end of this month!This new, 56 page publication contains our entire range of tyre changers, balancers, aligners, lifts and associated equipment, and also introduces some exciting new products, including the all-new 2015 ‘megaspin’ wheel balancer series. Please let us know how many copies you would like, and where they should be sent to, and we will ensure these are despatched as soon as they arrive  


Hofmann Megaplan wheel balancers have established themselves as the most reliable, simple and accurate machines on the market, with the familiar ‘megaspin’ label becoming a standard feature amongst tyre shops and garages across the UK.

The bar is set to be raised yet again with the introduction of the all-new ‘megaspin’ range, which saw their official launch at Frankfurt’s Automechanika exhibition last week, and which will enjoy their first official UK showing at next month’s Brityrex show in Manchester.

Whilst the new megaspin 420 and 820 models will undoubtedly maintain enhance their reputation even further in terms of their ease of use, unrivalled reliability, and general ‘touch and feel’ of quality, the stand-out advancement is the new ‘NO CHECKSPIN’ feature.

‘NO CHECKSPIN’ revolutionises balancing as we have become accustomed, by totally eliminating the need to carry out the additional ‘checkspin’ traditionally made after the weights have been applied, thus making the whole floor-to-floor process even faster.

To find out more about the new ‘megaspin’ range and this incredible new technology, come and see us at Brityrex in Manchester on 6th, 7th 0r 8th October or call us on 01480 8-9-10-11…


Anyone who remembers the old Balco hand spin balancers back in the ’90’s will know what great machines they were…

Simple, accurate, compact, economical, reliable…they literally ticked all the boxes.

However, after the company was purchased and original factory closed, the brand was quickly discontinued, and the ubiquitous ‘hand spin’ was no more.

Well the all-new megaspin 120 re-introduces the concept, using 21st century technology to take the humble hand spin balancer to a new level.

The megaspin 120 represents the Worlds first 3D (fully automatic) hand spin balancer. Simply load the wheel, simply offer the inner measuring arm up against the rim and spin the wheel! All data is taken automatically, and results accurate to within 1gm are retrieved in as little as 4.5 seconds.

Working from either a 12v battery or 240 mains supply, the 120 is ideal for both mobile operations or conventional tyre shops. And don’t be put off by its size; the megaspin 120 can handle the same specification of rim as even our top model – that’s 75kg in weight or 30″ rim diameter!!

You can find out more by visiting our website https://www.hofmann-megaplan.co.uk/products/wheelbalancerspremium/megaspin120.html or give us a call on 01480 891011 and ask for a free, on-site no obligation demonstration.

NEW!! megawash Magic Automatic Wheel Washer

We have just installed the very first ‘Magic’ wheel washer, and the results confirm that this is the simplest, most effective, and best value wheel washer ever!!

The megawash ‘Magic’ was installed at The Tyre Shop in Chingford, and demonstrated how you can set yourself apart from the competition by offering something different.

The ‘Magic’ uses regular mains water and an ecological detergent to clean the wheel in just 60 seconds (see Before and After pictures attached). Unlike systems before it, the Magic doesn’t rely on beads or steam, but simply rinses the wheel through high pressure jets before adding the environmentally friendly detergent. The dirty water is filtered and simply drained away into the mains. Every few months the operator simply removes the filter containers and disposes of the contents.

In a day and age where customers are demanding more in the way of customer service and shop owners are looking at alternative ways to attract business, the wheel washer is a great idea either as a complimentary or chargeable service.

Manufactured in Italy, the unit is expected to be well received amongst those forward thinking tyre shops and garages who embrace new concepts and technology.

Hofmann Megaplan Join GEA

Hofmann Megaplan are now members of the Garage Equipment Association, the representative organisation for the UK Garage Equipment Industry.

The GEA was formed in 1945 and acts as a ‘seal of approval’ for garages and tyre shops looking to ensure their equipment supplier is reputable, of sound financial standing and meeting a particular code of practise.

Dealing with a GEA member is a bit like ensuring your plumber is Corgi registered – it guarantees a level of competence and traceability that simply cannot be guaranteed with a non-GEA member. Whilst Hofmann Megaplan have historically concentrated on tyre equipment, the growth of the Cascos lift division has meant that the GEA can offer a great deal of support in terms of accreditation and Health and Safety education, crucial for anybody installing lifts today.

All Hofmann Megaplan engineers are factory trained and certified by Cascos in Spain, but will now embark on a Health and Safety Executive-guided Lift Accreditation Qualification, which will put them in an ‘elite’ of engineers, representing a tiny percentage of the total number of engineers across the UK, who have the highest level of competence attainable.

Brityrex 2014

This October will see the return of the bi-annual ‘Brityrex’ Exhibition – the only dedicated exhibition for the UK Tyre Industry.

As always, Hofmann Megaplan will be present with a selection from our range, which this year will include tyre changers, balancers, lifts, wheel alignment, and some exciting new products such as the ‘Magic’ Wheel Washer.

Brityrex will run from 7,8 and 9 October at Event City in Manchester. Access and parking is easy, and anybody who has a toe in the tyre industry should be attending, if only to come and see Hofmann Megaplan!

We hope to see you there… 🙂

New model “megamount 503 Racing” now launched!!!

Over the past 10 years, the megamount 502 and its predecessor, the 501, have firmly established themselves as a benchmark for tyre shops and garages across the UK.

Building on that success, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the new ‘megamount 503 Racing’.

The 503 has all the attributes that made the other models so popular, including ‘megafit’ assist arm, 24″ clamping and heavy duty build, but has the benefit of a taller turret and wider bead breaker opening, enabling this new machine to handle rims up to 15″ wide.

The introduction of wider rear tyres on BMW X5’s, Porsche’s and Audi Q7’s, has pushed the boundaries for tyre changers yet again. The 503 has been designed with this in mind, and the introduction of a bigger diameter vertical bar and increased gauge of steel for the turret has ensured the 503 can provide 2″ of additional rim width capability whilst maintaining the strength and durability for which it’s predecessors have become renowned.

The megamount 503 Racing is available now in both single and 3 phase, and is the first model to feature the new ‘look’ Hofmann Megaplan tyre changers will adopt in 2014.

NEW!! Showroom and Training School – Now Open!!

We are pleased to announce that our new “Centre of Excellence” has opened its doors!

This fully equipped workshop houses the very latest in lifting, tyre changing, balancing and alignment technology, with a comprehensive selection of models from the Hofmann Megaplan and Cascos product range, all fully operation and ready for demonstration.

This new facility has been created to give end-customers and distributors alike the opportunity to see the equipment in action all under one roof. With a sizeable meeting room equipped with presentation media, and ample space to bring specific vehicles in for alignment or tyre applications, we feel certain that the Hofmann Megaplan Centre of Excellence could represent the best facility of its kind in the UK.

Anybody wishing to visit the premises should contact our office on 01480 891011, and we will be pleased to make arrangements…

First ‘Tesco Tyres’ Equipped By Hofmann Megaplan!

Shoppers at Tesco Extra in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, can now have their tyres fitted whilst they shop in store thanks to the new Blackcircles ‘Pitstop’ facility located within the forecourt of the Petrol Station.

This brand new concept, which represents a totally new way of buying tyres, was equipped in full by Hofmann Megaplan, right down to the waste bin and safety signs!

The project represented quite a task for both ourselves and the architects with whom we worked very closely, as the whole facility needed to fit within the area previously occupied by an automatic car wash.

This meant a great deal of customisation was required, including the creation of a brand new model of tyre changer, bespoke compressed air equipment, and a range of specially created products for tool and consumable storage.

The end result is a fully functional, 2 bay tyre facility, incorporating the very latest ‘lever-less’ tyre fitting technology and brand new design scissor lifts.

It is arguably the most complex installation we have ever worked with, simply because of the space-constraints, but we all agree that the end result is fantastic, and we are convinced the new project will be a huge success… 🙂

New PDI Facility up and running!

At Hofmann Megaplan have always been renowned for our unique facility for assembling, testing and certifying all equipment before it goes to the customer.

This invaluable department, consisting of 3 full time, factory trained engineers, ensure that machines are built to customer specification, tested thoroughly and that the final product is delivered free from any silly ‘out the box’ problems that most of our competitors suffer with.

In light of its importance, we have recently invested in the workshop, which is located within our Cambridgeshire warehouse facility, to include better working conditions, more efficient procedures, 3 phase supplies and general compliance to H&S legislation.

In fact, we are so proud of this set-up that very soon we will be introducing a webcam facility so that customers can view their machines being assembled and rigorously tested rather than just take our word for it!

It might not be the most interesting thing you’ll see that day, but it does at least support our claim to be the most thorough operation in our marketplace!



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