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New Look Website Now Live!!!

Our popular website, www.hofmann-megaplan.co.uk, has enjoyed a ‘facelift’, offering even easier navigation, and even more information in the way of customer testimonials, product videos, and enhanced technical information.

The new look website builds on a medium that has become a regular reference point for distributors and end-users alike, and is often considered to be one of the most informative and functional websites in our industry.

We continually work hard behind the scenes, and invest heavily, to ensure that the website reflects our position as the Number 1 in our field, and a big thank you goes to those individuals who contribute to making sure we achieve exactly that. Fantastic work, and another great team effort from Andy, Matt and Dave the Video 🙂


Chris Jones Joins The Hofmann Megaplan Team!

We are pleased to announce the addition of Chris Jones to the Hofmann Megaplan team.

Chris joins in the role of Wheel Alignment Specialist, although he will also take control of our increasing routine calibration and service programme for certain key customers.

Since the introduction of our ecoline 58 Computerised Aligner, our alignment business has grown dramatically. The UK launch of the new ‘megaline Ssence’ later this year  is set to strengthen our alignment business even further, and Chris’s undoubted experience in this field, along with his Midlands location, will give us the resources to ensure we continue to offer the demonstration and aftersales support customers have come to expect from Hofmann Megaplan.

Additionally, Chris will handle the routine service and calibration programmes, covering alignment, balancer, changer and torque wrenches, for some key customers who now rely on us for 6 monthly or annual contracts.

This appointment is the latest in a steady expansion of our internal and external teams. In October, Jason Styles came aboard as a treinee Service Engineer. Then in December, Jan Rivett joined as Warehouse and PDI Manager. January saw us strenghten our internal service organisation with the addition of Sean Blomley as Trainee Service Co-ordinator.

Additional, auxillary equipment added to our range has determined that, if we are to maintain our reputation for exceptional service, then we need to ensure we have the resources to support it, and we see these appointments as crucial to ensuring we handle products such as alignment and nitrogen inflation in the same way people have come to expect for our tyre changers and balancers.

Chris will work alongside our existing Alignment Specialist, Iain Harpin, and between them we can provide dedicated, highly competent back-up for our products and customers.

I wish Chris the best of luck, and feel sure he will soon become another ‘megabloke’ among the UK’s leading name in Wheel Service Equipment… 🙂


Ex-Hollywood Blockbuster Prop Now On Sale!!!

The megamount 301 Racing model recently used as a prop in the latest installment of the Hollywood ‘Fast and Furious’ films is now up for grabs!

Universal Studios approached us earlier in the year regarding providing equipment for the London-shot workshop scenes for Vin Diesels newest movie. Having carried out research as to what equipment is being used in real life workshops handling customised and prestigious vehicles, they had identified our equipment, including tyre changing and alignment equipment, as the models of preference.

Having now received the machines back in unused condition (and having immediately sold the other items to waiting customers!), we are now putting the 301 Racing up for sale via our eBay shop.

We can’t quite decide whether the machine should have depreciated in value as an ex-display model, or appreciated in light of it’s fame! So we felt the best way to sell it would be to put it up for auction. If you are interested please visit our eBay shop and try a bid!

Come and See Us at Brityrex 2012 and Win A Tyre Changer!!


Next week sees the bi-annual event that is Brityrex. This exhibition is the ONLY dedicated exhibition for the UK tyre industry, and is a must visit for anybody involved in tyres.

At this years exhibition we will once again be giving away a top of the range ‘lever-less’ tyre changer worth over £6,000!!

All visitors have to do is come to our stand (No 67) and complete a simple form to enter the competition, and one visitor could be the lucky winner of the UK’s most popular lever-less system, notably the ‘Evolution’ device fitted to the brand new megamount 700.

As always, the team at Hofmann Megaplan are really excited about the show, as it gives us a rare opportunity to show our products in the flesh and demonstrate what sets us apart from the our competition.

Myself and Andy, Mick, Lee and Stuart will be on hand to demonstrate the very latest technology in equipment, so please come by and take a look. Even if you currently don’t deal with us, it will cost nothing for you to drop by and see/hear why you should 😉

We look forward to seeing you….



New Low-Priced Computerised Wheel Alignment System!!

The new ‘ecoline 58’ offers our most oustanding price/performance ratio ever for a 4 wheel alignment system!

Fully computerised, the ecoline 58 uses wireless Zigbee® Technology and incorporates Autodata database with all European vehicle specification and settings.

With a 19″ TFT monitor and full printout for your customer, the ecoline 58 is the logical next step up from laser wheel alignment.

With a launch price of just £3995 (while stocks last), you will not find a better value system.

Please call our office on 01480 891011 for further information.


New Lift Brochure Out Now!!

We are pleased to announce that our brand new Cascos Lift Range brochure is now available.

Featuring the world-famous Cascos line-up of single post, 2 post, 4 Post and scissor lifts, the catalogue provides all the necessary information to help someone decide on the correct lift for their particular need.

Manufacturing in Spain since 1965, Cascos continue to produce lifts to a traditional level of quality, resisting the temptation to use cheap components from China. Hofmann Megaplan are the exclusive distributor of Cascos lifts in the UK.

For your copy of the new brochure please call our office on 01480 891011.

Hofmann Megaplan – A Love Story!!

My Wife was having her hair done the other day, and whilst browsing through ‘More’ Magazine, she came accross a story of love at first sight, supported by the attached picture, which clearly shows a column from one of our megalift 3200 (Cascos C2.32) 2 post lifts!!

She immediately took a pic and sent it to me; we’ve seen our machines on TV before in garages and motoring programmes, but we’ve never found our way into a Womens glossy!

The story, which was entitled ‘Love At First Sight’, was, according to my wife, all about the man and woman in the picture meeting and falling in love with each other. However I think she may have got that wrong.

Judging by the fact our lift is so prominent in the pic, I am pretty certain the story was really about how the couple fell in love with our  2 post lift!

Well, so many others have… 🙂


Customer Feedback – It Just Keeps Coming….

If you get it, flaunt it! That’s our motto, so when we have all these customers telling us how good we perform, I think it’s always a good idea to share it – because if you are one of the increasingly few tyre equipment users in our industry not currently using Hofmann Megaplan, then hopefully this will give you another reason why you should!

Here are a couple of recent contribution we’ve had from customers. The first is from Costco Birmingham, where the Tyre Bay Manager sent an email to his Manager complementing the engineer in particular, and the second is from Point S member Victor Barrie Tyres, who dealt with us for the first time and sent an email to the Point S HQ…

“Hi Steve – Just to let you know that I just had a Level 1 service carried out on my machines and ramps.
This was without doubt the most thorough service I have ever witnessed. The guy did a great job, he went the extra mile checking that all the machines operated at speeds we were happy with, and even ensured all of his oily hand marks were cleaned off, and was just a really helpful, polite guy.
I have unfortunately since forgotten his name. They always do a good job but this
guy went the extra mile. Please pass my praise onto Hofmann Megaplan. Top job. – Regards, Noel “

“Hello John – I trust you are well. Just a quick note about Hofmann Megaplan.
I had an urgent need of a new tyre fitting machine after one of my machines in the City branch failed in the middle of a very busy day. A phone call on that day resulted in a new machine installed and in use on the following morning.
I didnt even need to tidy up after the engineers, a pleasant change from the usual scenario from our old supplier!!.
James Boon and his team are an example to everyone on how to do it properly.
Feel free to circulate my comments to all members of Point S.  – BEST WISHES. Barry Fenwick”

Another pat on the back for Lee Parrott, Andy Currell (the two engineers involved), and the rest of the service team for helping make it all happen…

New Calibration Equipment Ensures Even Longer Life!

As always, we at Hofmann Megaplan go that extra mile when it comes to customer service.

Our latest addition to our portfolio is to offer OE Factory Calibration using a precision balancing instrument normally only implemented at the point of assembly in the factory.

This tool, which costs over £3000, enables us to re-set a balancer to the exact status to which it left the factory when it was brand new. Each individual component of the rig has been tested and certified by a NAMAS laboratory, and provides the most accurate method achievable for setting up a wheel balancer.

“Many people don’t realise that the calibrations they pay their suppliers to come and carry out are what we simply term as ‘User’ calibrations; I.e. they can actually do it themselves,” comments Hofmann Megaplan Service Director Mark Berryman. “With our precision calibration tool we can do the most advanced test and set-up you can possibly have, without having to send the machine back to Italy or wherever it was manufactured! We will of course still continue to carry out User cals, but for those customers who want traceability we can now provide an even better service”.

The Rig has been manufactured so that not only can it accomodate Hofmann Megaplan machines, but it can also be used on a number of alternative manufacturers’ models.

Point S Choose Hofmann Megaplan!!

Point S, one of Europe’s leading independent tyre and car service dealer operations, has chosen Hofmann Megaplan UK as the official equipment supplier for its UK network.

Established in 1971, Point S have since become a major force accross Europe and, more recently even further afield.  With 1,150 independent professional dealers managing 2,000 point S service centres, the Point S brand is now set to become a force in the UK, with some of the industries leading tyre shops having already joined the network.

Point S have openly stated that market research has clearly shown Hofmann Megaplan have the best reputation for quality, availability, price and service, and as such chose us to be their official partner. The agreement was officially announced at the recent Point S conference held in Swindon in October.

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