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New Single Phase 2-Speed Option on Hofmann Megaplan Tyre Changers

Traditionally, a 2-speed option has always been limited to 3 phase models of tyre changer only. However, Hofmann Megaplan have recently introduced an ingenious new design that allows customers limited to single phase power supply to enjoy the benefits of 2 speed operation.

This new feature, available as an option on all tyre changers in the Hofmann Megaplan ‘megamount’ range, is controlled at the pedal, so as the pedal is depressed the speed increases from the standard 7rpm through to 14rpm in a smooth transition.

The system was introduced last year for a particular customer with multiple sites doing high volumes, so the concept is proven to be reliable and effective.

The addition of 2 speed to single phase models accompanies another innovation, the ‘Power Out’ facility, which has been added to megamount 702’s as  standard. The ‘Power Out’ automatically pushes the bead breaker arm out after the bead breaking operation, eliminating the problem of the blade getting stuck between the rim and tyre, and enabling the operator to use two hands to hold the wheel.

Hofmann Megaplan…A Game Of Two Halves!

It was a game of two halves for the two Hofmann Megaplan footy teams recently.

Senior team ‘The Hofs’ got a bit of a pasting at the mens tournament, I myself taking a proper clattering that resulted in me crying off for the last couple of games, and maybe considering that, at 38, maybe I’m just too old to be playing football?! We’ll see how the knee recovers.

Meanwhile, our Juniors, the Hofmann Megaplan sponsored Ringstead Rangers put up much more of a fight and looked like they might be in for a good 2011/12 season. Being non-competitive at this age, we are not allowed to talk about results, but we can claim victory over the only Trophy to be awarded in the age group, the Fair Play Trophy.

Hofmann Megaplan get heavily involved in local football, and this year I am pleased to say we are once again supporting the mighty Peterborough United. A decision to enhance our hospitality box and sponsorship by going ‘upmarket’ and moving to a half way line position has paid off as ‘The Posh’ celebrate a good season with promotion to the Championship. Also pictured here is yours truly at the recent boxholders match held at London Road (I’m back row, far left)…

Leeds, West Ham, and a good few other big names await in 2011/12….


New ‘megablast’ Bead Seating Device!!

Having re-sold other brands of bead seater over the years, we have finally decided to make our own!

The ‘megablast’ is a useful tool for helping seat the bead in situations whereby the only alternative is (dangerously high) over-inflation. Whilst all the units on the market are of the same principle, there are varying degrees of quality of components and operation. Since the demise of the original Haweka unit a couple of year ago due to it becoming expensive to produce, we have longed for something that met the quality that the original offered, and we felt the only way to do this was to make it ourselves!

The ‘megablast’ is subject to a launch offer of just £129 + VAT for a limited period.

New Catalogue Out Now!!

Our brand new, 38 page catalogue contains the best range of specialist tyre and wheel related equipment available.

With a tyre changer and balancer line-up that covers every possible application and budget, as well as ancllary products such as our traditionally built, premium quality lifts, the Hofmann Megaplan catalogue is an essential bible for anybody involved with tyres.

We also have it available electronically in both high and low resolution formats, so anybody wishing to get a copy either by email or as a posted hard copy, please drop as a line at enquiries@hofmann-megaplan.co.uk

Chris Lucchesi Joins The Megateam…

Having good quality people is every bit as important as having a good quality product, and at Hofmann Megaplan we are always striving to ensure we have the personnel worthy of representing the best equipment in the industry. So it is with great pleasure that we can announce the appointment of Chris Lucchesi to the team, looking after the South of England (and, from time to time, Scotland aswell!).

Chris is well known in the industry having worked previously for one of our competitors, where he was openly an admirer of Hofmann Megaplan, our products, and the way we do business, from afar for quite some time. Likewise, we recognised that he was well liked and respected, and very commited in terms of the time and effort he put into his work. So Chris’s appointment is a logical partnership for both parties, and we look forward to seeing him establishing himself as a valued member of the team.

With a consistent increase in customer base and annual equipment sales, we recognise that having the right people is incredibly important in maintaining the reputation we have earned, and as such we are always keen to hear from anyone who feels they could contribute to our cause! So even when we are not actively seeking new personnel, we welcome contact from anybody interested in joining the UK’s number one tyre equipment provider! Don’t be afraid to get in touch…!

A New Premier Tyre Shop For Corby

Wellingborough Tyres, one of Northamptonshire’s longest established and most reputable tyre retailers, have expanded into the commercially up and coming Corby with the opening of Corby Tyres.

Corby Tyres is located in arguably the best position in the Town, in full view of continual vehicle and foot traffic. Floor to ceiling glass surrounds the entire site, enabling customers to see what is probably the best equipped and best presented tyre shop in the area.

In line with their policy to offer the most advanced facilities, Corby Tyres are equipped with ‘flagship’ equipment from Hofmann Megaplan, such as the megamount 701XL Tyre Changer, megamount 502 Racing Tyre Changer, and megaspin 800-2 TFT Wheel Balancer. A baseless, premium specification 2 post lift, the GTE3500XL, was installed to maintain excellent presentation and functionality.

Aston Martin Equip With Hofmann Megaplan!!

We’ve done some fantastic jobs lately, but this has to be one of the most interesting.

The Aston Martin factory in Gaydon has recently been equipped with a Hofmann Megaplan ‘Speedline’ facility, which enables a semi-production line operation that includes stripping, re-fitting, pin-point accurate inflation and advanced balancing.

Our sister operation, Hofmann Industrial, are already leading suppliers to factories and OEM’s for fully automated systems, but very often these Speedline facilities are required for lower volume, back-up or overflow situations, and this falls more into our domain.

Over recent years we have found more and more high volume tyre shops and alloy wheel specialists moving towards Speedline, and we have installed numerous lines at the likes of Micheldever Tyres and Wheelbase amongst others.

The system speeds the whole process up dramatically, as well as making life easier and safer, as the line includes wheel lifiting equipment and an inflation system that includes an electronic pre-set for over inflation to seat the bead, and then final inflation value to exacting standards.

Working at the Aston Martin facility was one of the most enjoyable and interesting installtions we have ever done, and adds to our impressive portfolio of installtions in OEM facilities.

St Ives Performance Tyres Equip With The Best!!

They say times are hard, but at Hofmann Megaplan we are pleased to say business is still booming – and judging by the number of new sites we have equipped lately for existing customers, we are not the only ones.

One of those sites is St Ives Performance Tyres in Cambridgeshire, the second store to be opened by the owners of Huntingdon Performance Tyres.

Mark and Shaun at HPT have never been shy to buy what they consider to be the best equipment, and St Ives demonstrates that with the inclusion of the flagship megamount 801XLS tyre changer, megamount 502 tyre changer, megaspin 400-2 balancer, 2 megalift GTE3200 2 post lifts, a megalift 443 4 Post lift, and megalign system 4 wheel alignment system. At the same time they also re-furbished Huntingdon with the same list of high performance equipment.

Other new openings kitted out by Hofmann Megaplan include Corby Tyres and Welwyn Tyre & MoT, both expansions by existing customers who know the value in dealing with a company who make life easy, and whose equipment policy is to simply to be the best.

More pictures will be uploaded soon showing examples of recent installations…

You Just Have To Laugh!!

I just had to share this one…

We’ve got this chap who works for one of our competitors who spends an inordinate amount of time talking about Hofmann Megaplan.

He talks about us to his work colleagues, he talks about us to our customers, in fact I dread to think about what pictures and press clippings might adorn his bedroom wall. I just hope his conversations with his wife are a bit more varied.

Anyway getting to the point, he was talking about us the other day (no surprise there then), and he had the audacity to refer to our loveable , loyal Kenny as “a bloke who fits the odd arm and sweeps the warehouse”. Yes you read that correctly, “Kennya bloke who fits the odd arm and sweeps the warehouse”!!

How on earth can he say that about Kenny???

I mean, in the 5 years or more that Kenny has worked for us…

 I have never seen him sweep the warehouse!!!


New Warehouse Erected

Our new warehouse has finally been erected after weeks of delays due to bad weather.

This new structure, which will increase our warehouse capacity by a further 15%, has been built on the only remaining exposed ‘wing’ of our plot, meaning we will eventually have a fully concreted ‘yard’ serving all 4 warehouses and PDI centre, ideally arranged for deliveries, collections and access for our engineers.

All we are waiting for now is a bit of dry weather to enable us to concrete the new warehouse and area directly in front of it, and we will be able to hold ven more stock and serve our customers even faster!

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